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Documentation Requirements for EASEE-gas Certificates

Before requesting an EASEE-gas certificate please ensure you have the following information:

  1. Get the name and address details of your EASEE-gas representative. If you do not know who the EASEE-gas representative of your company is, please consult the EASEE-gas secretariat ( or register/login on EASEE-connect;
  2. Get a copy of the ID/passport of the EASEE-gas representative of your company;
  3. Get a copy of the trade registry filing for the company registered at EASEE-gas which is not older than 6 months. (See overview trade registries by country);
  4. Get the EIC-code of your company. This code can be found on the ENTSO-E website.
  5. If the organisation is based in the European Union look up its VAT number.